Extensive Benefit Package Includes FREE RENT FOR BALANCE OF 2020! 

Thank you for considering Cottonwood Village.  We are located just off the busiest intersection in Casa Grande (according to a city study), and we're right across the street from Safeway which is highly popular. The center has successful businesses here that could drive more business to you. We have one suite that is available at this time. It is an end suite, Suite #111, with  1,491 square feet. After the long free-rent period, the rent is $1,950 per month, and we pay all expenses except power. We do not charge NNN or CAM charges that are typically found with commercial leases. 

Within our center we have a popular bakery, hair salon, Christian book and gift store, print-shop, martial arts school, nail salon, financial and insurance,  and a new restaurant opening soon.  We encourage you to check out some of the reviews of these businesses, they have an excellent following and could help drive traffic to you.  

We offer flexibility on the term of your lease, depending upon several factors including the amount of landlord incentives (free rent and tenant improvements).  Below my signature you will find a little more detail on the financial advantages of Cottonwood Village, and why our leases are highly popular. 


If you are interested in opening a Yogurt and or Smoothie shop, our limited research suggest that there is community demand for it, and we will jump through hoops to help you!  Please let us know your goals and thoughts, and we'll be glad to write out a simple proposal for your consideration. 

We're easy to work with, and always appreciate the opportunity to share ideas even if it doesn't happen to work out, so please call me or text me so that we can start a discussion. 

Thank you, 

Doug Fowler 

Great Location LLC

707 337-1067 

Here is a little more detail on how to save money and reduce risks

All retail building carry expenses such as property taxes, insurance, repairs, and landscape maintenance.  If you’ve owned a home you’ve undoubtedly dealt with these types of expenses, and know that they can vary year to year. Commercial real estate is no different. The landlord in a retail center can pass all expenses on to their tenants through a lease type known as” Triple Net”, or “NNN”.  It’s the most common type of retail lease in Casa Grande, but for tenants it does present a degree of uncertainty, and sometimes there are surprise expenses.

We take a different approach at Cottonwood Village (973 E. Cottonwood Lane, Casa Grande).  Tenants here know in advance the exact amount they will pay each month throughout the lease term.  We take the variability and potential for unpleasant surprises of Triple Net-NNN away!  

There is also another benefit. We also strive to present you with a lower rental rate when comparing apples-to-apples with similar property in Casa Grande!  We offer a substantial free rent and improvement allowance, and we are flexible on your lease term and will consider a cancellation clause with repayment of your free rent/tenant improvement credits. 

Here is an example on how Cottonwood Village might compare for 1,491 square feet of space, just as an example. 

      Cottonwood Village                          General Example of Triple Net/NNN space


Total Rent =  $1,950.                    $1,677 rent + $671 NNN, so Total Rent = $2,348 (expenses can vary)

In our comparison example a tenant might expect to see annual rent increases of about 3% per year, and a city/county rent tax of 2.3% whether with us or someone else. But with Cottonwood village we not only eliminate the variability of NNN, we think you will find that the total monthly rent is less too. As you can see from the above comparison, it’s always important to determine the total cost. Cottonwood Village is offering space at $15.69 per square foot (annualized), and though our hypothetical competitor is offering space at $13.50 per square foot, a $4.50 expense load would make their total rent rate $18 per foot. Of course competitor’s rates can vary, but we think you’ll find we offer an excellent and competitive value, especially when factoring in our free rent and improvement allowances.    

For questions, please call or text Doug Fowler, managing member of Great Location LLC  707 337-1067