Why Casa Grande?

Lucid Motors plant is built and set start manufacturing cars here in weeks. You can find numerous media reports about this, but it's making news around the world and it's a pretty big thing for this community. Please verify this, but we hear that both Attessa Motorsports and Dreamport Villages have taken additional steps to make their big projects realities. Phoenix Mart, however, due to local news reports of major challenges, has many locals wondering if that will ever be completed. But here is what the city posted on their website which we cut/pasted, please go directly to their site for updates: 

The City of Casa Grande is the southern-most city in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and is conveniently located midway between Phoenix and Tucson, approximately one hour from each city. The I-8, I-10, and Union Pacific Railroad run through the city of Casa Grande, and the I-8/I-10 interchange is located just south of the downtown corridor providing convenient access to three major freight routes. Over the past two years, Casa Grande has generated significant media attention at the national and international levels with development announcements by:

  • Lucid Motors (electric vehicle manufacturer)

  • Attesa Motorsports (a 2,300-acre development that will include two professional racing venues)

  • Dreamport Villages (a 1,500-acre extreme sport themed amusement park)

  • Phoenixmart (a 1.5 million square foot international business-to-business sourcing center)

These four projects combined are projected to create over 30,000 jobs and represent over $5B in capital investment over the next 10 years. In addition, the Attesa Motorsports venue and the Dreamport Villages are expected to attract over 4 million visitors a year.

Casa Grande’s population has doubled since the year 2000, making it the largest city and tax base in Pinal County. Coupled with its rapidly growing economy and industrial sector, there has never been a better time to invest in Casa Grande!